Maya Felder

Class of 2019




My equestrian journey started out at the age of two with the animated movie “Spirit.” It created a want for my own horse that I could not give up. I begged and begged my parents to let me ride a horse for four years until they relented and finally let me start going to lessons. After a couple of years, I grew out of the ponies and I was surprised with my first horse, an Oldenburg mare. She definitely taught me how to get along with opinionated mares and how to persevere through doubt. We steadily moved up the ranks and went on our way to compete in the Large Juniors. Together we qualified and competed in the West Coast USEF National Junior Hunter National Championship which we ended up 8th overall. Afterward my mare acquired an injury and I began showing multiple horses in the equitation such as the Maclay, Pessoa, WIHS, and medal classes. I will be starting this show season on a new mare I hope to show in the Large Juniors. I also competed in IEA up to my sophomore year and showed in IEA Nationals in Wellington. Riding many different horses throughout my riding career has helped shape me into the rider I am today.
I am currently a Junior at Mountain Pointe High School. I have been a part of my school’s Black Student Union for 2 years and I now hold the officer position of Activities Chair. I am in charge of planning school events and making sure members are involved in school activities. When I am not at the barn it is because I usually stay after our school to help the other officers and our sponsor with club planning or just helping around school. I have become very good at balancing school, a social life, and riding with my very busy schedule. On the weekends, I spend my time at the barn riding multiple horses for our lesson programs and horses for my trainer.
I am very passionate about becoming a member of an NCAA Division 1 Equestrian team. I am so blessed that I even have this opportunity. Being an equestrian has taught me to be patient, humble and to never give up. Bringing this huge part of my life to college with me would confirm that all my hard work has paid off. I cannot wait to commit to my future team and school!
~ Maya Felder